What They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood



Iris was about a month old. I had just put her to bed after what I thought was a full feeding, a clean diaper, a burped baby, but she was crying. My baby doesn’t just cry to cry. She cries when she needs something. For that, I’m grateful for, but sometimes that “need” is a puzzle to me.

I picked her up, carried her over to my bed and rocked her while Alonso watched the tears roll down my cheeks. “They don’t prepare you for this. There’s no class I’ve taken that has prepared me for this. I have no idea what I’m doing! I don’t know what she needs!”


Me too.



Let’s make some people uncomfortable. Let’s talk about things that MATTER on social media. Selfies and quizzes and memes are fun but let’s set aside a little place on our social media accounts and use our voices to talk about problems we face and how we can make the world a little better.

You’ve probably seen the #MeToo hashtag and “Me Too” statuses trending around your Facebook and Twitter feeds. This is because of the Me Too movement, a campaign to ignite conversation and draw attention to the problem both men and women face: sexual assault and sexual abuse. 


Our First Family Photoshoot


There’s something so magical about seeing your first family photos. When my photographer (@jordijerae) sent me these photos, Alonso and I looked at them together with our baby girl sleeping in her bassinet right beside us. I cried several times looking at these shots of me and my new, little family. I couldn’t believe these beautiful people were actually mine!


Becoming a Mother – My Birth Story


September 23, 2017, I gave birth to a perfect, precious, darling little girl in a birth center in Spanish Fork, Utah. We named her Iris Elena. This is my entire, completely unfiltered, unmedicated birth story starting from my first contraction to our first moments with her. If you’re at all sensitive to ANYTHING birth related, this isn’t for you and you should probably stop right here. There’s your warning. This gets pretty personal.


My Top 5 Favorite Drugstore Mascaras

Mascara is my favorite part of makeup. If there’s one thing I won’t leave the house without, it’s mascara. It opens the eyes, makes you look more awake, and basically gives the illusion of a face lift. 😉 My love for mascara started when I was about 12, so I’ve had about 10 years to try every drugstore mascara I could get my hands on. These 5 drugstore mascaras are my tried and true. Not only are they wonderful mascaras but they’re insanely inexpensive (MY FAV). I really couldn’t tell you which one is my favorite, but I’ll list what I like about each so you can decide which ones you’d like to try.